Castle Amber


#1 by tykiran , Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:35 am

I thought things were easing up, I thought I had a moment.
I was gone for a few hours, drawing and relaxing, when I came back everything was torn asunder.
There had been and assassination attempt on Renee, and Tenebrae was attacked.
Elmdor manipulated Perigrine, who was killed by Khan, who was killed by Elmdor.
I fear my father became broken. At least he regrets it, or so it seemed. It means he is still human.
Annalee offered to help with Bridgette, I should take her up on that. There was a quiver in her voice, maybe she needs help too.
Renee is back, for better or worse.
The Unicorn is kind. I wonder if she has a name? I forgot to ask.

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