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Knowledge is a step

#1 by Garrick , Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:42 pm

Without it, we are doomed to face lives of uncertainty, misery, lives of misunderstandings. It is the building block to success, layer after layer unifying into a single grand structure of truth. I have sought such things, I am an architect, and I shall build such knowledge that in the underlying structure, all we will see is truth. Who's truth is an entirely different story, but it will be there none the less.

Terridus. He will learn, he needs to learn. He MUST be ready. Others flock to him for leadership, for guidance, yet all of them have their own agendas. He sits in a room where everyone wears masks, disguising the fact that it is but a nest of vipers. He may be older, but he has much more to learn, many of them do. I will be there to point them in a direction, which direction will be up to them. Blood of my blood, I offer my help. Blood of my friend, I offer unity. Blood of my enemy, I offer sanctuary. Blood of the lost.... I will find you.

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The Truth lies masked before us
We Shall See

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