Castle Amber

Night before

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Although Gaius was tougher than Winter thought, the battle existed within parameters. Although he only caused a minor injury he was able to get in contact with his blood. that would be useful much much later on in his plans. Winter entered the Throne room of Amber, where Terridus seemed awkwardly deciding if he should sit in the big chair or not. He mentioned once that neither he nor his father was fit to sit on a throne, and although WInter mentioned forwardly that Elmdor may be corrupted by the eagle, no one else gave it a second thought. Winter thought Terridus would actually make for a good king though, where he constantly bitched and a little compulsive, he saw that Terridus cared for his people and would be be a good king. But he didn't want to be king, which would have been needed. But it didn't matter, Renee lived, and his plans have been adjusted.

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