Castle Amber

Captain's Log - Supplemental

#1 by Stephen , Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:54 pm

Course heading: 18 degrees South, by 37 degrees West, along the sign of Juno.

Winds are high, with a clear sky and Amber's sun. Good weather for today.

Supplies were restocked in port. Water is within expected amounts. Slightly low on rum. Suspect trading.

Elanna reports that the crew are growing nervous as we approach our destination. I share their misgivings. There is an ill wind blowing from our destination, and it smells of blood and fire. It is curious. We will see what awaits me in the place I am headed.

I watch my crew work, and stare beyond them as the seas change by my will. The journey is calm, as I wish for it to be, even if my thoughts are not. Time around family does that to me. They are as useless as ever, by and large. I have succeeded in making an enemy of Tolwynn, as I had intended. Among a clan of vipers and beasts, she is the one who bears the greatest threat to all of us. She would not hesitate to kill another of her family. Neither will I.

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