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A Tale of Fate

#1 by Garrick , Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:37 am

"She is safe... No. She is with me. Such long time it has taken me to retrieve you. Have no fear my most beloved, you rest within my silence and I carry your obsessions." - Garrick spoke, staring at his mother within the tardis, awaiting the others to return. He smiled, no, he laughed, such a jovial sound, an echo of laughter. Yet no sense remorse crossed even a single brow. It was then that they appeared. Glowing orbs, flowing from his sleeves, floated out in front of him, surrounded in luminescence. More and more poured from Garrick's clothes, surrounding him in a synchronized unison.

He didn't stand, he didn't shout, Garrick simply smiled.
"Tell me a story my children... Tell me... Tell me a tale while I wait. A one of meaning, a tale that relates to my soul, to my existence. Spin to me my fortune, the foundation, the mandate of my actions.". A smile, still dancing across his lips.

The glowing lights, waned and kindled in a multitude of colors, soft musical notes echoing their intended excitement. Then they answered in one grand voice, the glow of colors shifting to each note of their words. "As you wish father.".
And so they told Garrick a tale:

Sedated are his senses, by her fragrance entranced,
Lingering in his memory, his senses she commands,
Intoxicated by the scent of her persona, he wanders
Vagabond his spirit, through the mist meanders.
Emerging from the haze then, into the night,
Revealing himself to the Huntress’s sight.
Slowly the clouds engulf her in that moment,

Obscuring, as if a dream her presence, in an instant.
Frozen, a crystal, in his mind that glimpse embeds,

To enrich his thoughts eternally, her memory never fades.
Higher he ascends into the ether she perfumed,
Enamoured he remains, by her charisma, consumed.

Seeking her, he ventures forth, into the forest of dreams,
Allured into its milieu, by these unending streams.
Flowing perennial through this realm illusive,
Flowering in it, such blossoms, exclusive.
Rewarded by the adventures this journey has presented,
Offering him those experiences, that fantasy has created.
Never losing sense, of the passion he pursues,

Surrendering to the huntress alone, he continues.
Under the foliage of imagination, that is the forest,
Nurtured by the aspirations of each measure purest.

Onwards the forest, into the mist dissolves,
Near yet far, he stares as the summit evolves

Solitary he roams, no destination in sight,
Invisible to his eyes, she leads him to light,
Leaving the wonders, in which his senses delight.
He hears in the distance, sounds of the spray splash,
Onto the coast as those, tumultuous waves crash.
Underneath those waves, lies the sea’s tranquility,
Entering into this world, he imbibes its oceanic quality.
The immensity of that silence disperses thought,
The nothingness, the void, the presence, that is naught.
Evaporating into the air the ocean transforms,
Suddenly, into a fog, that transcends through the storms.

Observing in nature such eccentricity,
Fathoming in the depth, its, simplicity.

Through this cloud, again he perceives her,
Her scent, her voice, her spirit; so near.
Elation resurfaces from within his soul,

Surging through him, once again he feels whole.
His passions were but, the duties of his desire,
An insight, she gifted, as a magical souvenir.
Duty and passion complete each other,
One shall drive while, the other deliver.
Wisps of the mist now caress his face,
Softly it surrounds him in an icy embrace.

Sublimely the vapour transforms and blends,
Into the mist he merges, a new dimension transcends.
Lost in an abstraction, the huntress, he has sought, in
Every realm sensed, by his perception and thought.
Now enveloped in the ether, the truth to him dawns
The huntress accompanies as his soul companion.

~His children spoke in unison, their voice a shadowed echo bouncing from the walls.
In the end Garrick looked shallow, a shadow of his own falling over him. He said only this.

"I was afraid of that. But I would hate to disappoint.". That grin crawling over his face once more. The glowing orbs of lights swirled about him in a whirlwind of light and color, sifting back into the very fabrics of Garrick's being.

The door to the Tardis opened. The others had returned and there sat Garrick.
Grinning to himself and holding his mother. A whisper passed his lips.

"The Lion of Holmgard is ever vigilant."

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