Castle Amber


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Left grandfather sleeping

recovering but exhausted

commotion and noise through the halls

guards say Khan is here with Peregrine tow

me and aunt Astrid go

find out for yourself, others are unreliable

the penultimate hunter

an Aunt heard little of

inspection proves truth of Khan

he says he's here to claim the throne

and remove the yolk placed on him by Elmdor

Peregrine brutally ended by Khan

her life dashed in an instant

A kings resolve shaken

She never his the floor

I am there to catch her

She whispers damning words

a power of our line

Elmdor commands Khans death

grandfather throws me guns

all over quickly

Khans throat run through

Elmdor commanded him not to heal

Khan dead upon the dais

Elmdor weeping commands all but me to leave

gives thanks for my effort

futile as it was

I leave

in the courtyard everyone is arriving

they mention Brigitte and Renee

then ask about the blood

me and Astrid make the situation known

more commotion

ignored I take my leave

after apologizing to Serpentis and Samira

I can still smell the blood

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