Castle Amber

The home front

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Terridus hovered from window to window in the throne room looking out to parts of the city in the distance. From the windows he got a good view, that's how he had designed them. By now most of the family was on it's way the edge of the golden circle to do battle against the monster that was coming to destroy Amber. Many of them had asked Terridus to come along but he refused. He found it odd that after all their secrete missions and lies they now wanted him to join them and was actually specious of some of them at this point. Terridus's reasons for staying behind however had nothing to do with not wanting to work with the rest of the family.
There were a few reasons for staying behind. Terridus didn't know much about the eagle or it's plans but there was one thing he did know about it, things with it were never simple. The idea that one giant monster was just going to walk into the golden circle and ruin the place just seemed... to simple to be the work of the eagle. maybe the monster wasn't working with the eagle, which only meant that Terridus should be especially worried about a sneak attack from the eagle. If the eagle saw the amber family busy with a 3rd party, it may take this time to attack the castle, the pattern. Terridus would wait here in amber and keep an eye out for the second attack.

An other worry Terridus had was the nagging thought of what would be the back up plan if the family wasn't able to stop the monster on the edge of the golden circle? What if the monster punched right though and made it all the way to amber? Who would be here to stop it? Terridus had a plan for dealing with the monster but it required being here in amber. It would be a last ditch effort, but it was better than nothing.

The last thing weighed on Terridus mind as he passed a window that gave a view to the front gate. His niece could be seen organizing troops and preparing for the worst. He had grown closer to her in the last few years. Building the castle and working with her and his father here in Amber. Her well being was an other thing that was going to keep him here in Amber till the crisis was averted.

Terridus passed by the last window and decided to float down to the pattern room. He knew that he would be visiting at lot today.

If someone had told Terridus 100 years ago he'd be sitting on the throne of Amber, he would have laughed.
If someone had told Terridus 50 years ago that his father would be so ok with turning the title over to Renee, he would have argued with them.
If someone had told Terridus anything about the eagle ever, maybe he would be able to help...

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