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Annalee, my only daughter, betrayed me.

I should have trusted my instincts when I let her out of the castle. She wasn't ready to take on the rest of shadow. Her young mind was too easily played by the monsters that surround us. I blame myself for her subversion. Shadow was too much for her to handle, and now I fear it has taken her away from me. Ever since she was a child I could see that she was special. Her heart has always been too big for her to think straight. It was foolish of me to throw her into the wild before it was her time.

But, I can not let this loss slow me down. Sacrifices must be made to protect my kingdom. With everything else moving according to plan, I must stay strong. With Annalee's betrayal, the Amberites know more than they should about us. It complicates things. I need to speed things to make up for this complication. With Razgris heading for Amber, a window of opportunity opens. The Amberites will throw all the have got at this thing. He will be a perfect distraction for Lucian to strike. If anything, he has been a loyal child. I can count on him to make the right decision.

Oh Annalee, you broke my heart. I sit here on my throne, looking back to when you were just old enough to walk. Your little infectious smile lightened up the room. But now, you have snuffed that life from my heart. You brother and I are the only family that you have. We have always been the people that we could rely on; that we could trust. You took that trust and tore it in half.

I can only now hope that everything does go according to plan and hope that when this is all over I can find it in my own heart to forgive you.

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