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01 The Feast

#1 by Serpentis , Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:29 am

The food at the feast was good, as usual, but more importantly the family was together once again. There wasn't as much tension as the last time we were all together. Of course, we were all fighting each other then, but I still expected more ill feelings to arise. There was a few raised voices and a flipped table, but that was it. I expected some type of fight to go down. Maybe a fist fight or a clash of swords... I guess eight years was long enough to cool off for most of them. The biggest surprise was meeting the new members of the family. I was the youngest for forty years. Now there's Anna Lee, Dream, Lilu, Winter, and now Mom's pregnant too... maybe I'll stick around for a few years to get to know them.

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The Morning After

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