Castle Amber

The ...Party ..@ my house?

#1 by Onesleepygenius , Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:56 pm

Terridus organizes a summit

to deal with the many issues concerning us

no one else has done this

at least not in my lifetime

So many family members

it brings me hope to see us actually gather to achieve something

and yet we squabble

I am no exception


I should be better

for them and myself

we go over things that need doing

and try to decide who should be doing them

Gaius nominates himself for all positions and duties

Including the crown


I support out of curiosity

where is he going with this?

the question of who shall escort the newly awakened Renee to chaos

I would like to get to know the pattern luminary

the woman who dared to challenge

never been to chaos

always been curious to see how the other side lives

I volunteer

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