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Peter Connard, pilot.
Melody Asiago, navigator.
Yves de Yrold, bosun.
Mikkel Elmsen, second mate.
Piero Neville, quartermaster.
Jan Bjornsdottir, master at arms.
Killian McDermott, topsman.
Paul Martenn, topsman.
Erving Williamsten, topsmen.
Quayle Tanner, marine.
Ymile Blackborn, marine.
Wesley Blackborn, marine.
Sarah Oldsmeet, marine.
William Turner, marine.
Oleander Martell, marine.
Sounder MacNell, marine.
Ulysses Gemjaw, marine.
Rinaldo Ember, marine.
Ashley Waters, marine.
Bandero, marine.
Horace Andelsen, marine.
Danners Georgio, marine.
Corey Shanders, marine.
Wonsel Reddinger, marine.
Nero Caerus, ship's cook.
Iola Messinger, crewman.
Paris Priamsen, crewman.
Alexander Chandler, crewman.
Robert Cotter, crewman.
Jean Baptiste d'Yves, crewman.
Antony de Gevaudan, crewman.
Robert Martense, crewman.
Travis Martense, crewman.
Oliver Martense, crewman.
Jack Descartes, crewman.
Mario Batali, crewman.
Daniel Boulud, crewman.
Thomas Zannan, crewman.
Dorian Marsh, crewman.
Walter Gilman, crewman.
Petro Goldsmith, crewman.
Maggers McMules, crewman.
Darren Underhill, crewman.
Oscar Reddawn, crewman.
Eric Freeman, crewman.
Charles Bebole, crewman.
Vincent Danvers, crewman.
Luke Umbridge, crewman.
Jules Lumiere, crewman.
Parten Macfyll, crewman.
Quora, crewman.
Dudemont Ishmail, crewman.
Seorra Bandersmen, crewman.
Austin Heers, crewman.

They left their homes and followed me. Some had families. Some had only the ship. They gave everything they had, and in the end, they were nothing more than sand in the storm. I wasted their lives. I lost my ship. We succeeded, but they will never know that now, because of me.

I am tired of my friends dying because of me. And this is only the beginning.

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