Castle Amber

12 - Why Must We Fall?

#1 by ohyoungmarriner , Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:02 pm

A lifetime condensed
To failures atop failures
Words hit close to home
I too know failure and naught
Why must we fall to rise up?

My fears were realized. I knew it would come to him at that moment. That sublime moment of sheer weakness. There was an attack, here, within Amber, yet it was of a subtle form, true to our enemy's most divine ingenuity. Why march armies to take ground which has no meaning? I waited in vigil, and the attack took place in the form of one sad and sorry broken man. Willing to do whatever it took to be returned. I did my best, but in the end, I was not enough to turn him away. I found his words of failures upon failures and of having nothing, literally nothing left, pulling upon my heartstrings. Could I deny him salvation? Whether he lived or died, he could still cleanse himself of all that baggage. At the price of possible oblivion I believed I could, but, in him, I saw myself, and I let him walk. In the end the battle for Amber was short. One man versus his basest desires. One man against the alluring and insidious whisperings of a Primordial. Today, that man won. He has well-earned this second chance, this possibility of redemption. More so than any of the rest of us, we true failures, who fall and fall and fall again.

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