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Lises bent over his work desk, putting the final touches on the trinket he was working on. He puts down his tools and closes his eyes, confirming it works correctly. It comes to life, changing and disappearing, biting and returning. He places it down on his desk, and walks to the window of his castle. With doubt that these things will even work against his enemy, he watches the sun set. It seems as though he was incorrect about certain things, about how events would transpire. Lises still clung to hope that this could all be solved without violence, but that chance was drifting farther and farther away. Even if somehow the Trumpettes, heh, were to be convinced to cease their aggression, there's little chance that Amber would sit still. He used to wander without care for the politics of his family, but now he seemed to have been dragged in. That world is becoming sour, but he is too much to blame for its current state to ignore it. If only there was some easy solution.
"Will you be staying for dinner?"
Dream's voice from behind him woke him from his thoughts. The sun has set without his notice, he must have been staring out that window for some time.
"No, the King has returned, and summoned his blood to him. I at least need to see what he has to say." Lises replies, then heads over to his desk.
"Would you like me to come with you?" Dream inquires, eying curiously the card that Lises picks up.
"No, I would like you to stay here this time. Here, this is for you." She takes what is offered, and looks it over before placing it in her pocket. "Now, I should be going. But before I go to Amber, there is someone I need to speak with." Lises waves his hand, and a light goes out on his wrist.
Lises takes out a card, and closes his eyes.

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