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Danger Close

#1 by Stephen , Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:08 pm

Her name is Juno. Means to an end. Danger, now. Far from the beaten path. Once the way is open, can never be closed. So many lives, and now I am in unfamiliar waters. Sharks about, but they have not yet smelled the blood. No victim, I. Another shark, but even sharks are eaten with blood in the water.

My steps are complete, and there are no good answers. I stared into the expanse of Shadow, and felt the sands slipping away. Destiny is running out, and no one knows what will happen when it ends. The Adversary believes Shadow will end, that is its purpose. I do not. Purpose is nothing compared to desire. Life desires, Shadow desires, Shadow lives. We are perpetual motion. Amusing, that. I look upon their city of unblemished marble, and try to see it through their eyes. She is a builder. Grandfather is a ruler, but she is a builder, and whatever grew the Courts was simply a creator. All are different, but what kind of build builds only to watch their efforts torn down?

Madness, surely. All are mad, I alike. My madness forms in the motion of the waves, driving me forward. I can never stop, never pause. That is my madness, to forever be upon the Pattern, to always place my next foot in front of the last.

She will come, of that I am certain. She must know I am here. Grandfather would know, and she is as careful as he. Even now, she is likely reading this, likely reading me. She knows I am speaking with Virgil. She knows I am considering destroying this city brick by brick, life by life. Were I an age and a half younger, I might just. And it brings a terrible smile to my face knowing how much damage I could do before the end.

And, yet, my hand is still. I play the part, and wait my time. These people are not my enemy, they are simply civilians caught in a war on the side of my Adversary. They are a people, no more or less admirable than the ones I have buried. I gain nothing in hurting them. Instead, I learn and I wait.

I hate waiting.

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