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Night of feeding

#1 by Rabidfirefly , Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:32 pm

Winter stood over His foe, in the worst shape he had ever been. Alive purely by shapeshifting, nearly half of his mass had been blown away. But his foe was in worst shape, clinging to his life. Winter had his sword by the mans throat, and he knew could react first. The battle was his.
"Any last words, cousin?"
Terridus shuffled slightly, which only caused Winter to push down farther with his blade.
"Why.. Why have you done this??" He managed between labored breaths. Winter smiled.
"There are reasons aplenty. But the most important is..." Winter leaned down his mouth close to Terridus' throat, his teeth grew, and his jaw extended farther then it should have been able.
"Terridus, I'm hungry." And with that he bite into Terridus' neck, and as he fell limp, Terridus' veins grew, being force fed something from Winter.
(Also you saved Renee)

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Night of loss

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