Castle Amber

#12 Murder

#1 by admin , Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:23 pm

I will not do it.
I can not do it.

I will not be responsible for the death of another Amberite.
I will not be part of the plan.

I have to prove them all wrong.

Do not ask me a question you know I will have no answer to.
I will not be tricked or played.

Please do not make me choose.

If I did, then I will have given up on the belief that everyone can change.

If I could make that choice then...then I will have lost hope.

I do not want to kill my brother or my mother.

But, I will do anything it takes to redeem them from becoming the monsters they have be painted to be.

By myself, will be the one to give them that chance.

If someone were to rob me of this chance, then they will have robbed my of my hope.

I can not fathom my world with out hope.

Do not ask me to look into the darkness.

I will not choose that path.

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