Castle Amber

Blatant Unrelenting Murder

#1 by Garrick , Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:53 am

A life is such a fickle thing, waxing and waning like the moon and sometimes just gone altogether. That today is meaningless before me. Today I shall be the reason that life disappears, by my own hand I will finally rid myself of that stupid and self-righteous prick they call my brother. Emerick will finally be wiped from the face of existence... By my hands. It brings me nothing but joy, recompense, and what is rightfully owed to me. The unquestionable position of the faithful son.... Though this brings the thought, what being could my mother possibly have copulated with to bring into existence such baboonery, such mentally damaged goods such as he? I can only imagine one reason for such an existence. This has all been a test for me to over come, that my mother had thought of the ultimate test of will, of final training is for me to end his life.... Yes... That must be it.

Your time has run out Emerick....

Mine has just begun.

(So if it is supposed to be about an actual player amberite, then definitely Stephen. Garrick never forgets such insolence as he showed to Garrick's people. Friendships can sustain lives, but grudges can see them grow.) :P

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