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Day of feeding

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A shifting of debris and a groan sounded in the ruins of the Tenebrae capital pyramid. Terridus crawled out from under a chunk of building and came to rest against a downed metal beam. He took a moment to regain his focus and he surveyed the destruction that lay before him. The ruins were littered with bodies of both zombies and Winter clones but Terridus saw the real Winter off in the distance. In the final explosion of the battle, the one that had nearly leveled the entire capital city, Winter had seemed to have taken it much worse than Terridus did. skewered on a broken metal pole was the scorched and battered body of Winter.

Terridus struggled to his feet and limped his way over to where Winter lay slain. He still couldn't believe what had happened. Winter had double crossed him and attacked him and Tenebrae seemingly out of no where and for seemingly no reason. Terridus made his way over to him and looked over his cousin. He wanted to work with the man and now this was just another set back in Amber's war against the eagle. If the family kept killing each other, the eagle was going to win.

Terridus came to sit at Winter's feet and he held his hands in his hands, weeping as he thought about what was happening in the golden circle. Everything they had worked for and built was coming undone around him. He kicked himself for killing Winter, he hadn't meant to and for a while, during the fight was fairly certain that he wasn't going to be able to win. He would have forgiven the man, something that is rare in this family. He would have forgiven him just like he had the villainous Steven when he tried to kill him and his brother. Just like he had forgiven Oberion for striking his brother, and staying idle while Paragin and Khan had been killed. He forgave the family a lot more than most did, but this time there would be no chance for it.

He cast one last lonesome look up at his cousin and pulled out the one trump card he own, the one of his brother. Terridus turned trump back on in his shadow and curled up on the ground and hoped his brother would know to call him.

If someone had told Terridus 100 years ago he'd be sitting on the throne of Amber, he would have laughed.
If someone had told Terridus 50 years ago that his father would be so ok with turning the title over to Renee, he would have argued with them.
If someone had told Terridus anything about the eagle ever, maybe he would be able to help...

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