Castle Amber


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Such a result is far beyond my expectation. Father and daughter have slain each other. It seems so sudden, that Schala asked to asked to bring Cain here, for an attempt at murder. I cannot say I am surprised, but the timing is interesting. Maybe they should have waited? Now is a time we need to gather our strength, instead of whittling it down. But I could not refuse her request, and so here we are. I promised inaction, and thus both the spider and the butterfly were slain. This tragedy shall repeat an untold number of times throughout shadow, and this is its origin.
Lises then claps his hands together, and bows slightly in a moment of silence.
That I would see the end of two eternal cycles today is surely an omen. This should be recorded so that it is never forgotten.
With that, Lises pulls out an easel and begins painting the scene before him.

A god of blind men

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