Castle Amber

15 - Purgatory

#1 by admin , Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:46 pm

Denying yourself pleasure, for you fear the pain
In a state of confusion, life is only an illusion.
Strange behaviour, looking for a Saviour,
Redeem and repent, for your time not well spent.

The beast has been slain, and at the cost I had expected. It took a younger sibling to give me the strength to stand up to the monster that was called Cain. Thankfully she had what it took to finish the job. The world has been cleaned of his filth and I have fulfilled my purpose. Or at least I thought I had. Is this my punishment for being so weak? Reality itself is holding on to me and wont let me just die. Is this cruel joke happening for a reason? I have said good bye to the one tether that would keep me here. I have completed my role within the madness. And still, I linger here.

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