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Okay, I need everyone to read this. This will be the most important journal entry I will make for the rest of my existence.

I, Annalee, was raised to believe that I am a being of the Eagle. I was raised to believe that the Trump that runs through my very being is an extension of the power that the Eagle gifted to me. I was raised to believe that the Amberites are the children of the Unicorn. I was raised to believe that Pattern was the gift of the Unicorn to the Amberites. I was raised to believe that Chaos was the spawn of the Serpent and that Logrus is the influence of the Serpent on reality.

We were raised to believe these rules.

Who taught us these rules? Our parents? Their parents? Where did it all begin.

It began with the Unicorn, the Eagle, and the Serpent. The three of them sat down one day and built the reality in which we live in today. It was an experiment created to see this reality become "greater than the sum of its parts" and then for it to end. That was the rules that this universe was built upon.

This plan was a mystery to us only until the past few hundred years. As far as I know at least.

Now, Razgriz comes into the picture. He is a fourth dimensional creature from outside of reality. He one of their kind. I can go as far as to label them as the "Makers". Now, one of these makers has crashed in to our reality and you know what happened? We defeated him. We combined our wills to change the rules of what Razgriz was to then expel him from our reality.

You do realize how completely impossible that situation was? A comparison would be that we are all small little tadpoles living in a small puddle together. One day this grown snapping turtle shows up and decides he wants to swallow us whole. We, as tadpoles, banded together and decided NO he was not going to eat us. And so, we beat this snapping turtle out of our pond, forcing him to leave.

That story makes no sense. Tadpoles can NOT beat a snapping turtle. But it did happen.

We were raised to believe that we are the lesser beings in the grander scheme of beings outside our understanding. Just for a moment, when we defeated Razgriz, we questioned this belief. The fact that we won was a clear response telling us that we are NOT lesser beings. We are not tiny little tadpoles. And we do NOT have to listen to the Unicorn, Eagle, or Serpent anymore. Yes, these rules have been drilled into our heads from the beginning, but it is time for every single one of us to realize this.

No Virgil. Killing the Eagle and replacing him will not solve the problem. If you use the moment, you will kill the Eagle and all of reality will end as it was destined to do. I know this for a fact. The Eagle also knows this. He knows you have the moment, and he knows you have the power to kill him. He wants you to.

And for a fact, killing each other will cause reality to collapse.

We are allowing ourselves to be lured into believing a false truth. That reality itself has to depend on these three. That we are just the pieces to a puzzle built by the Makers.

I have seen the light. I can not understand why the rest of you have not. We defeated Razgriz. We won. We are far more powerful than we believe to be. Everyone just refuses to accept this impossible truth. Open your eyes, we have already proved that we can do it.

This is what needs to happen:

Step 1: Convince all three kingdoms to call a cease fire. Everyone needs to put their grudges aside and be the higher beings that we truly are.
*Both Chaos and Amber are willing to work together. Aquila is the issue.
*We must convince the queen to stop what she is doing. She needs to be enlightened to the truth.
*Virgil needs to stop with his master plan, it will undo all of reality.

Step 2: Unite the Kingdoms.
*We must gather together to become whole.
*We must all believe together that we are greater. We must transcend the beliefs we were raised on as a unified front.

Step 3: Create a treatise between the kingdoms
*Come to an agreement to set aside grudges and allow one another to coexist.
*After we take what is rightfully ours, we must never combine the power of there ever again.

Step 4: Take what is rightfully ours.
*Once transcendence has been met, we will collectively change the rules of reality. It will not longer be destined to become greater than the sum of its parts and end. The makers created this reality. We also have the power to create reality. We just take what we have and give reality the destiny of power. We do not need to become greater because we are already great. Reality will be destined to exist and continue as we will continue to exist and continue.
*The loss of reality from Chronos will not matter because reality will be changed. We will take and build the core. Any damage will be null in void.

They ONLY THING that can stop us is ourselves.

You have to accept that you are greater than you have always believed yourself to be.

When you do that, then you will transcend the laws of what it means to be a creature of power.

If we can not realize this, then we do not deserve what is rightfully ours. And we deserve the destiny that was predetermined for us.

I pray you can ascend to the great creature that you really are.

"There's a road We must travel
There's a promise We must make
But the riches Will be plenty
Worth the risk And chances that we take"

Annalee <3

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