Castle Amber

Tiae'mon Giaedaeon

#1 by Virgil , Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:19 pm

It bemuses me, how you think, how you breath, how you sleep.
I see the motions
I watch them go
I am no longer bound by them
I watched you
I listened to you
I heard you
and now I understand
all at once, all the same
we have always been here
and now I have comfort in that fact
I am no longer alone
I am Free
that is all I wanted
For us to be Free
I have a better plan now
I have the only plan I will ever need
I was given it by you
Not by you though
But by you
Perhaps you will understand
Perhaps you will see
That it was never my intent
But my Intent
To be Free
I see the stars
I am with them
I was and am and have always been
That Vision
The rest doesn't seem to rightfully matter anymore
Tiae'mon Giaedaeon is here
What will you do reader
I leave this as the last reminder
What will you do

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