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#2 Where to Stand

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neu·tral [noo-truhl, nyoo-] adjective
1. Not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others: a neutral nation during World War II.

I thought of this when I was reading my book on World War II last night. I found it very funny seeing the position that I am in. Queen Rajani has declared war upon Oberon for reasons that I can understand. She is a mother who is only reacting to harm that has been brought to her daughter. In no situation is it acceptable to shoot someone in the head. From what I have gathered, Renee was a daughter who wanted to rebel against her father. That did not give him a reason to have her turned into a vegetable.

On the other hand. Oberon is the one true king of Amber. He can not show bias towards his children when it comes to those who rebel against him. He has many enemies, and can not come off as being weak. He has to treat her like any other person who decided to attack Amber. She should have known. And furthermost, he can not back down from a decision he has made. Once it is done, it will not be undone. It is a kings word.

But deep down inside, does Oberon really care about his daughter? Deep down, does he really not want her to be fixed? I just can't accept that as a possibility.

Our blood runs deep.

in·ter·me·di·ar·y [in-ter-mee-dee-er-ee] adjective
5. Acting between persons, parties, etc.; serving as an intermediate agent or agency: an intermediary power.

This definition I feel represents what it is that will determine my plans. I could help prevent the most amount of damage possible. Because in the end, neither party wants to have this war.

It is happening do to a Kings hubris and a mother's sorrow.

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#3 War
To all those sad pandas!

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