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#1 by Garrick , Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:02 pm

These recent events bring me back to that very book I saw from the world I conquered. Such simple, mortal words, yet even in these times of change, of dissonance, I find them... Refreshing.

"I wearied myself searching for the Friend
with efforts beyond my strength.
I came to the door and saw how powerfully the locks were bolted.
And the longing in me became that strong,
and then I saw I was gazing from within the presence.
With that waiting, and in giving up all trying,
only then did time flow out from where I knelt."

-Mortal Writer

It is these times when I think, should I have wrought their world to destruction? It is then when I turn, smile to myself and simply say. "Yes... Yes I should.".

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