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# 1 New Beginning

#1 by admin , Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:50 pm

My first day in Amber, and already things are interesting. I do not know if I should have expected this, or if this is something to come as a surprise. I can say that it is defiantly a different lifestyle than what I am used to. It seems my newly found cousins will prove to be a ride. Everyone has their own personalities and there own things to offer to the table. I have some pretty big shoes to fill in family wise.

I am sure though, that they will all soon learn that I am a shining star.

I have a few people that I have pocketed as my favorites, and a few that I have decided should be just left to live their lives to their own accord. I learned a long time ago that people will have their opinions, and life will continue to move on. I will never change who I am to 'fit the norm'. People can learn to appreciate or just deal.

And I need to not forget about the plans I made with my family members!

It is a good start to a new beginning.

It does suck when thinks do not work as they should. Surprises always seem to throw wrenches in things.

Jubei is right though, I just need to adapt. And adapt I will. :D


(Also, remember to get a history book on WWII)

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To all those sad pandas!

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