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The Coldest Places, part II

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War was brewing in the frozen country. The frost giants were restless, and ran out of territory to expand to the north and west, and now had their eyes on Risengaurd, the country to the south. The armies of the frost giants had passed the border, raiding the towns unfortunate enough to be within their reach. The kings armies were not close enough to lend military support.

The boy set the table for two, and then went and washed his hands. When he came out his mother had put more logs on the fire, and was putting food on the plates. There was a crash and the sound of the town alarm. As Jason reached for the food, his mother grabbed his arm.
"we have to go to the town hall jay, somethings up" she said, trying not to act nervous. Jason didn't catch on.
"but, but food!" the boy replied, pointing longingly at the table. His mom smiled and led him to the backdoor, which crashed open violently as the went tumbling back. A blue giant grabbed the woman and lugged her over his shoulder. Two more entered, setting fire to the walls. Jason dove under them to get to his mother, but on grabbed him by the back of his shirt and threw him against the wall. They drew their swords and walked toward Jason, grinning.

'If only I had weapon!' Jason thought, tears flowing down his eyes. 'Anything! If only-' suddenly he felt something inside him grow, wanting to burst out. It was a weapon. As the giants came at him, Jason dived under them, then his arms grew, sharp and serrated, piercing the flesh of his assaulters. He rushed forward as the two fell limp, diving past them furiously he ran as fast as he could to the last giant, flying wildly at him, and he lost control.

The giant didn't have time to turn, suddenly the heat and pain of searing flesh ripped open his spine. He instantly lost that pain, replaced by numbness, as he saw blood spurt over his shoulder, not all his own. He fell limp and died shortly after.

The thing that wanted to burst out of Jason before, did. His body acted on it's own, writhing and squirming under it's newfound power, as he looked in horror as his body broke and ripped apart anything near him. His mother and the giant fell to the ground, the snow pushed up creating a cloud around them.

It took all his might to regain control.
"Mommy! Mommy!" he squealed as he leaned over to his dieing mother, who grabbed his shirt, gently pulling him towards her. She whispered her last words to him as tears rolled down his face. She fell limp, and the cloud began to clear. He shook her, begging her to move. From the distance giants approached, closing quickly on the boy. The boy steadied himself, and ran into the woods.

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