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#1 by Serpentis , Sat May 19, 2012 4:29 pm

It's been about four days since I started reading the names on the wall of the Rock. I knew it would take a while, but if feels like I barely scratched the surface. I guess I shouldn't expect to do it in one sitting. I even payed Renee a visit. She didn't respond, as expected... it makes me sad.

Stephen stopped by, which didn't surprise me, and he started a conversation. Turns out Dworkin was killed at the feast and he's following a lead on the murderer. Why the hell didn't anyone tell me that Dworkin died? It's been FOUR DAYS! I was at the castle when it happened and spent the night there. For some reason, no one thought "There's someone here strong enough to kill Dworkin, we should warn everyone." Well, Stephen is going off into shadow to find the killer. Even though he admits that he doesn't know where he's going, I'm going with him. Him not knowing is actually more incentive to go. If he lands in trouble that he can't handle, maybe the two of us can.

So off we go...

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