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May This Never Be Read...

#1 by Stephen , Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:29 pm

I do not know if I will survive this next step. I do not know if it is necessary, or if it will give me what I require. I know so very little, and only now can I truly comprehend the lack of my knowledge. Luckily, what I do not lack is purpose. I know my actions, and I know the risks I am taking. If I fail, then I will be destroyed. I do not ask for the Unicorn to have mercy on my soul. I would not, in its position. And so, I leave this in my ship, to be read if I do not return.

Whatever personal effects remain to me on the Island of the Tempest, save for those named below, are to be gathered by the remnants of Amber's Navy, and sold at auction in the Golden Circle on the condition of the profits of my estate go to the widows and orphans of my soldiers. All gave some, and some gave all, for Amber. I will have them remembered.

The contents and notes of my alchemy labs are to be gathered and made available to any of my family members upon their oath to see the liberation of the people of Tenebrae, Avalon, and Holmgard from the tyrants who have claimed their thrones. If no members of my family present themselves to claim this in one year and a day from this Feast of the Unicorn, my notes and supplies are to be destroyed utterly.

To Alanna, I leave the Kestrel, its crew, and its destiny. She is a good ship, and the finest I have ever stood upon. Her crew are the finest I have ever served with. Your company has made my tasks easier, and I do not envy your days ahead. Know that I treasure nothing in Shadow more than my ship, and that is why I am giving her to you.

To Dan'Vir, I leave you the book that this letter has been left in, along with the cipher I have attached to it. It is a challenging read, but it contains most of the information I have gathered on the nature of our foe. Your talents may better protect you from its knowledge than many others. My apologies that it is not a gift I am giving you, but a burden. Knowledge is a terrible, terrible thing. Do what you can with it.

To Jubei, I leave the army I have gathered in the Rajaways. You know the task that I have trained them for. They will give you everything they have. Do not waste it.

To my aunt Kestrel, I leave a map that can be found in the third blue book on the right in my personal study in the Rajaways. You will know what it leads to. Help her, now that I cannot.

To Lises, I leave my collection of art from Shadow. You may find it in my personal estate on the Island of Storms. I have not had the opportunity to enjoy them as I once did. Now, I never will. I also leave you the piece on the third floor, eastern side of my manor, on the condition that it is left unfinished. Perhaps, one day, I may yet return to complete it. There are stranger things in Shadow than that.

There are things I know I am forgetting, but I have little left to give. So much of what I have, I am. My path is set. I will succeed, or I will be destroyed trying. And for the first time, in a very long time, I know for certain what the better outcome is.

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