Castle Amber


#1 by tykiran , Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:14 am

They say that a shadow may not exist before someone real finds it. If that's the case, how many thousands of worlds have i created? Surely I cannot be responsible for so many. But they themselves have no power over their fate. It falls on us. AndI feel like I have all the pieces. That can't be though, this can't all be dependant on me. Someone better is the hero, someone stronger. I'll help though, somehow I'll find the right ending. The children on this little shadow require it, as they live oblivious to the true nature of reality. I wonder if my efforts have effect. It is nothing but speculation anyways, a gut feeling. I could be wasting precious time, chasing a fool's errand. It seems whoever I ask is welling to help. Maybe it's not so farfetched an idea...Even Stephen, who seemed far more willing than even my brother to help. He probably helped because my plan involves freeing Virgil, Terridus probably was resistant because his eyes are too narrow. I need to change that fool. Schala too. She's so broken. But I'll fix everything. Somehow I'll end this conflict and fix all the terrors that have beset my generation.

A god of blind men

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