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Night of the Feast

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This was the first feast Winter had ever attended, and he honestly expected a bit more. The food was delicious, and the alcohol was plentiful. There was only one thing that differed from any of the great feasts that they had on Jotunhiemr, it was that every attendant of this great feast could destroy or rule worlds, if they desired it.

He had kept himself busy helping his father keep the docks safe after the previous admiral resigned, and reading the plethora of books in the library over the years that when the feast came, almost everyone there he hadn't seen. He exchanged plentries with most of them, they mostly seemed to be doing well. He met a couple people he hadn't seen before, lises had a wife and kid, and a new pretty girl showed up. He talked for a while with her, and they got along pretty well. She was the kind of person he liked to be around.

There was only one person ruining the mood for everyone, spilling drinks, trying to raise his the ire of his cousins. Stephen had a bone to pick with Winter as well. They exchanged harsh words, but Winter wasn't bothered by it. Maybe it was his long duration in shadow, but he still felt invulnerable. Only time would tell if his courage remained with the rumors of a murder being spread.

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