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Lises and Terridus moved about the tall grass on the bright and sunny day. Their father had take them out of the city to one of the few places on Tantegel that wasn't an urban setting. Elmdor had decided he needed to go out and clear his head after a heated debate he had had with one of his siblings and opted to bring along his children. Elmdor reclined under a near by tree and a few servants lingered about. The boys had been given bug catching nets and given free range of the hill. Terridus was looking bored, as he kept staring at his pants while Lises ran about. Lises had always favored playing outside, and such simply efforts pleased him, such simple beauty awed him. Terridus however was squinting, staring at Lises as if he wanted to join in. Lises saw his younger brother seemingly out of place in the country side and went over to cheer him up.

"Come on, Terridus, come and enjoy this day! I'm sure someone as quick as you could catch all of the butterflies! You're so fast!"

Lises swung his net back and forth, smiling, motioning towards the hills. Terridus hesitated, but soon matched his smile.

"Catch one of those, Terri, and bring it to father! I'm sure he'd be impressed."

Lises grabbed Terridus' hand and began pulling him towards the butterflies. When he got close he forgot about Terridus for a moment and began running around, diving around, chasing the elusive butterflies. Lises noticed Terridus hesitating, but smiling. He started jumping and moving, driving the bugs towards Terridus.

"One's coming your way! Get it, Terridus!"

Terridus gained a panicked look, and began swinging wildly. He closed his eyes and began batting his net with full force. Terridus hit the butterfly with the edge of his net, and the bug crashed into the ground, splitting in two. Lises stopped and stared at the butterfly. He dropped to his knees, and brought his fingers close to it, but didn't dare touch it.

"You've... You've killed it. It's dead..."

Lises felt sad for the creature, and kind of mad at Terridus for not being more careful. Tears began to form.

"Why did you do that? Just because you're so much stronger than it doesn't mean you can just kill it! It never did anything to you..."

Lises' eyes began to flow and he began to wail. He thought that Terridus said something, but didn't notice.

"Why? That's so cruel, Terridus. I'm telling dad!"

And Lises ran off, up to the top of the hill where their father sat. Inbetween sobs he quickly told the story to Elmdor. Lises' father simply pat him on the head awkwardly. "You mustn't get upset over such an insignificant death, Lises. Things are meant to die by our hand, that is simply the way things are." Lises began to cry harder, that's so cruel he thought to himself, burying his head into his father's lap. Elmdor began speaking again, to someone else so Lises wasn't paying attention.

Lises afterwards thought that maybe it was an accident, maybe Terridus didn't mean anything by it. Lises thought he should hear Terridus' side later.

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