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night after the feast

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I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to sit in a chair, awake in the dark, thinking of the events of the feast. Dream and Lilu had already fallen asleep. I was hesitant to bring them, but it seems to have worked so far. This feast was the the most active one for quite a while, even Serpentis' first feast twenty years ago didn't shake so many cages. It must have been the war that still just ended. Tensions were still high on so many. Many seemed to just pretend it never happened. That's probably for the best though.

Arden was better guarded it seemed, but Astrid's virulence troubles me. Perhaps she is having some problems. Maybe something to do with Emeric. They seemed like more than just cousins who lived in the same shadow. Emeric even had a nice shirt, it seemed begrudgingly too. I haven't seen him wear anything besides armor to the feast so long as I've know him. Maybe I'll leave through Arden, see if I could talk to Astrid.

The city's guard was improved as well. To my relief, James hadn't seemed to have changed much. We got along still, drawn (pun) together by our skill of Trump. He showed me a few thing that i'll have to seek out, interesting creatures. I met his sister, Annalee, for the first time as well. Her naivety was refreshing, I am looking forward to see how she would changes her cousins. She also is training in trump. With Bridgette and James teaching her, she'll probably surpass me soon.

I met with Schala again. She was as rigid as ever. But it was good to see her again, she hadn't been to a feast in what, sixty years? I can understand though, I'd be doing the same thing in her shoes. Oh, and Stephen apparently got her to huck a table at a wall. I asked a servant what the bang was. I seemed below his ire, but he seems to be causing trouble again. He does this every time. Apparently he was picking fights with Winter, Garic, and even Talwyn. Slow to forgive I guess. But I can hardly blame him for Talwyn. She nearly killed Viola right in front of my eyes, and apparently nearly made a coup de grace on Doroshea during the war. It's probably because grandfather spoils her.

And Terridus is apparently interested in meeting Lilu. Despite my attempt to get him to sit with us during the feast, he didn't get to. He came to my room this evening, but she was already asleep. I told him I'd visit Tenebrae soon. Odd. Perhaps he's starting to get better. He didn't even bring any abominations with him. Father is now Crown Prince. Which means if he becomes King I may be first in line. Not something I want... maybe I can convince Terridus to take it.

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