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Towards the end of it's construction, when the last pieces were coming place, Terridus looked over his creation and crossed his arms in disapproval. The nearby necro techs looked to their praetor and and knew that from his body language something was wrong. The lead technician slid forward and gave the amberite a worried look.

"Praetor, is there something wrong?"

The technician asked and flexed his hands some. Terridus's gaze did not leave the machine and a single finger came up his mask and tapped on it, the tapping the only sound in the room.


Terridus said simply. There was a pause from the technician and then a nervous echo came up.


The man asked through his gas mask. Terridus slowly glided across the room and he looked over a work bench.

"Padding. The seats need padding."

Terridus said and motioned to the chairs that were set up around the chamber. All the necro techs shared confused looks and the lead technician stepped forward and continued to speak.

"Padding on the seats... You want them to be more comfortable?"

He asked Terridus. Terridus gave a raspy chuckle, still recovering some from his fight with Garrick.

"Yes, I want the people sitting in the chairs to be comfortable."

The lead technician looked back to the chairs and then to the amberite.


The question lingered in the room for a while before Terridus slowly floated around to look the man over. He gave a heavy cough before he answered the technician.

"Because, I intent on using this machine to help people. Important people. People who are important to me. They will be putting their trust in me and risking a lot in doing so..."

Terridus said and flew close to the man and not only was he taller than the man but also floating off the ground and looked down at the man.

"At the very least. I can get them a comfortable seat."

He said in a tone that boarded on vicious. A silence lingered for a moment with no one really knowing what to say. The lead technician shifted some and then made a hard swallow.

"Shall it match the rest of the color scheme then?"

He asked in a level tone. Terridus stared down at the man and then poked him on the chest hard.

"Now that's the spirit."

He said, joyously but oddly enough still in a vicious voice. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and a few technicians pulled out their note pads and got to work. The lead technician rubbed the place he was 'poked' and followed Terridus over to his work bench.

If someone had told Terridus 100 years ago he'd be sitting on the throne of Amber, he would have laughed.
If someone had told Terridus 50 years ago that his father would be so ok with turning the title over to Renee, he would have argued with them.
If someone had told Terridus anything about the eagle ever, maybe he would be able to help...

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