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The Coldest places part V

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He really had a shot here. This was the way to save his world, the best case scenario. Here he finally was, on the gates of Asgard, the world of the gods. he pushed open the gates, and it was quite easy to see why they were considered gods. The walls and the paths away from Bifrost were littered with wires and circuits. With the technology they horded and the magic unavailable to mortals made them much stronger than the rabble.

he passed by the gaurds to the castle, down a large golden bridge that lead to the throne room of king Odin.
"That's close enough, Jason Winter, son of Gerard." A voice bellowed from down the hall. so the Gods knew of his father, then? A tall older man walked out into view, accompanied by several younger Asgardians.
"I bear you know ill will, king of Asgard. I come on behalf of the people of Jötunheimr." he continued to walk closer towards the group, and one steps forward, bearing arms against him.
"How did you get past the Bifrost? The King gives you an order, and you dare deny it mortal? you should bow, no, you should die!" But his father held him back.
"Calm yourself, Baldur. He is no mortal." of course Winter had realized this by now. he hadn't aged in two decades. it seemed apparent that the king had taken interest in him, and had some way to spy on him.
"Yes, but I have a hunch I'm not one of you either. But that isn't why I'm here, the people of Jötunheimr are suffering, and you could stop it!"
"We have laws up here, child. We have an truce with the giants, and I will not be known as a a breaker of oaths. Jötunheimr is their world." Odin stated, firm and solemn. This was not the response Winter was looking for.
" you would let my people die, for your oath? The women raped, the children tortured just to appease your peace? what kind of gods are you!"
"do not be so presumptuous. We barely won the war to clear them out of Midgard, we don't have the numbers to take over their home world."
"...under my instruction with 40% of your forces, or some of your technology I can reduce the number of casualties by over three quarters. As it stands, there will barely be over one hundred thousand alive before I finish this war!"
"you can spout all the numbers you want, I stand my ground." Winter looked at him, locked eyes for a longer than comfortable time, then turned around and walked off.
"You'll regret your stubbornness, old man. when I've secured my planet I'm coming back here." Winter walked out, and none of them followed.

When he reached the Bifrost, he used the magic of the shadow combined with his shapeshifting to make himself a reciever for the energy of the Bifrost. it took him a year of tweaking to figure it out, and he hoped it would be a worthwhile gamble. He shot himself back to Jötunheimr, where some of the generals were waiting.
"Any luck, Commander?" one said, hope in his eyes. Winter swore wouldn't let these people die off.
"No, the Gods have abandoned us. we're on our own. I'm going to the front immediately, I've alot of work to do."

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