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#1 by Virgil , Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:00 pm

Three centuries ago I forged in secret one of my greatest pieces ever conceived what has become known to myself as the Moment. The name itself came to me in a moment of inspiration while I was still crafting it. The name was fitting at the time but as I have realized it is as of yet still incomplete, a half finished puzzle left to wait for all these years for someone with enough insight and power to finish what I had started so long ago. I am not sure what guided my hand in those days but it has become clear to me the purpose of it. It will stand as a symbol to the people, all people who now exist as a triumph over those who would seek to control us.

Long days and harder work are ahead, with the casting of the three the final incantations will be in place and the final work can begin. The hardest part of this will be in the casting of the three. Making such opposed forces work in unison will be difficult to say the least but I believe with my new understanding I can control it until all images are locked in their places. I hope those whom I have chosen will stand and be as skilled as I had hoped in this regard. So we venture forth into untested waters to face a foe we can scarcely understand and against odd that are too slim to calculate and yet I am confidant that we will find a path through the ebbs and flows of the never ending tapestry.

On the end of this all fates rest. All of this rests on the moments edge, and I find that poetry to be somewhat moving if a bit grim. The fate of all resting in the hands of so few with so little to go on. Old arts shall be rediscovered and new ways shall be forged, but I pause and think to myself is it worth it. After all I have learned after all I have seen, is it our right or is it our stubbornness that compels us forward. I cannot say and in the end I will not submit.

Let them fight and let them burn brightest, for those who burn brightest burn quickest, or at least that is how I remember the old parable. Conflict upon conflict until none remain, an interesting gambit and some have already fallen fully into that old trap. Playing potential allies against one another so that you can conquer them, well played as always, but this is not chess and we are not pawns. We don't have to play by your rules any longer, we will make our own and make you play by ours. That is the secret, a system built upon a series of systems and understanding how they interlock one can uncover the great and terrible secret....we don't need you. You will of course make it seem as though you are inseparable from the system but we know now it was built by you not from you and we can be rid of you forever.

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