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Saving Virgil

#1 by Serpentis , Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:00 pm

I wanted to talk to Lises because I knew I could help him save Virgil. When I found him, he asked me to help him save Virgil... that was easy convincing. The team was Lises, Anna Lee, Schala and myself. Then Schala decided to back out, and by 'back out' I mean go brain dead after trying to contact the phychie of someone who partially doesn't exist. Lises also tried to get Stephen on board, but he declined.

We rode on the fastest bicycle ever to get out of amber so Anna Lee could trump-of-desire us to Virgil. We arived on the back of Chronos as Virgil was watching a nearby shadow get consumed by... nothing? I don't know. Lises and Anna Lee tried talking to Virgil to get him to reject the Eagle, but since the Eagle was in control, that didn't go over so well. We then started fighting: Lises gained hulk hands somehow, Virgil (with Linebreaker) was teleporting around, and I was trying to grab him with my Shades.

Virgil told Chronos to turn off my shape shifting and I turned into a shadow. He teleported behind Lises to stab him in the back, but Lises grabed him and used Trump defence as Anna Lee teleported to him and entered his mind. Chronos started to barrel roll, but I grabed everyone and anchored them to Chronos. Then Lises followed Anna Lee into Virgil's mind, leaving me the only one actually able to move...

...Until two Gerards came out of a hatch and started walking towards us. Still holding on to the other Amberites, I unanchored everyone and started crawling away from them on long tentacles. It seemed to be working. I was able to avoid the Gerards and buy the others the time they need. Then the Gigatron 9000 came out and started aiming at my cousins. This was starting to get tough, I grabed onto the Gigatron, and I had to make sure it's rail guns weren't pointing at my cousins while still evading the Gerards.

Fortunately, it didn't take too long after that for whatever Lises and Anna Lee were doing to work, and they came out of Virgil's mind. We promptly walked to another shadow and headed for Amber. When we got there, Virgil walked the patern, and (hopefully) got fixed.

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