Castle Amber

01- Talons of Fear

#1 by ohyoungmarriner , Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:08 pm

Great talons of fear
Gripping tight around my heart
The beating of wings
The stark white snow shroud consumes
Leaving nothing but silence

Jubei was waiting for me. He watched, not at all surprised, as the steps disappeared behind me.
"Blowing off steam?"
He joked easily, as he always has. His slight but telling smile came easily, as I always remembered it had.
The view of Amber far below, all darkness and torchlight. I'll miss it, when I'm gone again.
I might miss the view from Kolvir, but I will never long for the Feast of the Unicorn.
How many years, 80? I've lost count. Yet still, this gathering is nothing but an excuse to piss on each other.
The blood runs strong. I guess.
And Stephen... always the conversationalist.
He would be furious to know I've already forgiven him his trespasses.
Hollow words, hollow man.
I've heard. Shadow speaks of his years on the Rock. Every name is like a scar on a tree; a dishonor which time, rather than effacing, grows and grows to the point of bursting.
I will pay my respects at the Rock before I'm gone again.

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02- Baleful Memories

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