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Wolf 359: On the Nature of Reality by means of Exo-Construction

#1 by Virgil , Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:06 am

It is rare for us to question our exist as it is directly. We understand that we exist and therefore that must be true, however the truth is a far more nebulous thing that all but a few have been keen enough to ferrite out. While I will not state that I am the fore most expert on the subject of Reality and how we exist and interact with it, I have taken it upon myself to try to assess those mysteries that have been plaguing shadow philosophers since the first times. The 'truth' if you accept it is rather simple and yet infinity complex.

Reality as we understand it is a system, an extremely complex and complicated layered system of interweaving mesh constructs. Each given construct was given three identifications to mark were it would exist and therefore be classified in the grand design. The three powers that created the universe designed in turn each shadow, though they are without number or count. Such is the will of these beings that they can truly have and understand the infinite. Even myself am given pause to marvel at that design. Now the system and composed of a series of interlocking and intermarried system and each identified with a unique location and placement. Each given its own place and therefor distinct from the others even if indistinguishable.

This was however only the beginning for now each place existed and each set of rules was in place. The question is why create such a thing, the answer was equally complex and yet simple. Knowledge, the land of the precursors did not have concepts such as an end or termination point. Nothing ever ceased to exist because it could not. Shadow was therefore created by the precursors as an experiment to gain knowledge of things they did not understand, including the destruction of it all. That was the final part of the experiment, to destroy shadow so that they could understand how it worked and could return to their king with the answers they were tasked with.

Thus all was made in the image that dwelt in a mirror of themselves, and infinite reflection of smoke that echoed out across incalculable distance, forming all things into what would become shadow. Shadow is nothing more than a interaction of three polar forces of immense power and perspective coming into sharp focus. Light reflected off smoke, and smoke resting on water, water flowing through the earth and the earth rising up to the light.

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