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Saving Renee Again and Again

#1 by tykiran , Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:53 pm

It doesn't look like I'll be helping Terridus calibrate his machine. I get interupted too often and it's not worth it. Renee was dying so Schala Terridus and I combined our knowlege and powers to save her. It was hard and almost didn't work, but we managed to do it.

Then James came by in his messed-up state. He managed to lose his body somehow, so I offered to help him make a new one. I didn't get around to it because someone decided to attack the building at the same time, so I took Renee away to Amber as Terridus fortified defences.

I got there at the same time as a dozen other Amberites, because that happens often for some reason. I got there while Astrid was telling Samira in the most inhumane way that both of our parents were dead. I hate her now. Samira needs me to comfort her and I now feel the need to protect her. With all the infighting, I'm just going to focus on protecting Samira.

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Saving Renee

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