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Saving Renee

#1 by Serpentis , Sat Nov 17, 2012 8:39 pm

I decided to check on Corwin as the shadow of a blood familiar. He's doing fine. I then went to find Lesis to hide in his shadow, because it seems like he's usually where the important stuff happens. It's a good thing I did too, he was about to head out to find Renee with Schala, so I tagged along. We found ourselves at a family reunion at the Rajaways with Terridus, Jubei, Stephen and Renee and Bridgette. Everyone was suspicious of Bridgette, and when Lises grabed her with his huge hands, I switched over to her shadow so I could follow where she went. Terridus left for Tenebrae, and nearly everyone else followed suit in their own way.

Bridgette Trumped just outside of Tenebrae and walked/sailed to the Kaleidoscope. Terridus was already there runing tests before trying to fix Renee. Jubei Lises and Shala came soon after... just as Bridgette was about to stab Renee. We all pulled together to stop her at the same time, which caused some confusion and a seriosly hurt Bridgette. Terridus had some technitians take Bridgette and Renee to separate side rooms to take care of them. He then offered to use his machine to check for the Eagle's taint for anyone who wanted it. I said sure, but it hadn't been calibrated for a shapeshifter before, s it'll take much longer.

Everyone but Schala left (for some reason or other), and it was just the two of us guarding Renee. Garrick showed up to talk to Schala about a deal made with Lucky. I had a feeling a fight would break out, but it never happened, and Garrick went his own way. I sent a shade after him just in case.

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