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Lises looks down at the mask in his hand, and sighs shallowly.
It has been quite some time since he came to visit his brother. It was probably his fault, he was away from the Golden Circle for quite some time. Terridus was now a Praetor, the ruler of Tenebrae. Lises had never been to Tenebrae, but he heard it was a very hostile shadow, that one couldn't breathe the air there naturally. He took in a deep breath, then placed the machine over his mouth. How uncomfortable, he'd have to make a note to get a mask that fit right.
He took a step forward, crossing shadow into Tenebrae. The air was thick and dark, and the pale light of the cloud covered sunset reflected off the oil-sea, creating a long rainbow colored illusion. The white of Lises' shirt immediately started soaking in the oil in the air, staining it badly. His hair grew heavy and began to stick to the back of his neck, turning a gross-green after only moments of standing by the sea. The crashing of oil waves was the only sound, besides a dull hum coming from behind him, a small mining operation it seemed. There wasn't any life around, how could there be. Lises already disliked this place. But Terridus was a recluse, and would probably never see anyone unless the effort was made by the other party.
Lises opened the white wings behind him, the only part that was unaffected by the darkening by the oil in the air, due to the nature of the power. As he flew, he wondered what kind of demon he looked like, all black save his tinged hair and stark white wings.
He got to the building he heard Terridus works in after a short flight. He hadn't called ahead, hoping to surprise his brother. After talking with his secretary, however it seemed he had gone to see Oberon along with the rest of the Golden Circle for some meeting. Lises declined the offer to leave a message, and decided to come back another time, perhaps giving prior notice.
Lises nodded slightly to the secretary, and turned back the way he came. After a few steps, he noticed something that paled his face and stole his breath. His brother was in front of him. Dead and walking, with an arm and half a face of metal. Lises immediately ran to it, grabbing its shoulders and shaking it.
"Brother! What..." But then Lises realized it wasn't him, the feeling was wrong. Its head unnaturally tilted, settling at a weird angle, as it stared with dead eyes back at him. Lises repelled the creature in disgust. What was it? A dead copy of Terridus? Lises closed his eyes and pushed himself back into Dormaguez. He threw off the mask, and fell to his knees, panting silently.

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