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On the Casting of the Three

#1 by Virgil , Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:23 am

I find that our most recent excursion into the casting of the three has led to a series of most interesting ideas as well as confirming a series of questions I had asked myself some time ago. Firstly the test subject was returned to a conceptually sound state of being i.e. the parts that had been revoked had been reassigned back to his form. This would mean that natural healing in time would again be possible. A most excellent confirmation of things and just in time for a rather interesting light show that will occur but I am getting off topic.

The casting of the three seemed to form a sort of resonance where in opposing forces are unified through an act of pure creation to bind and quantify a subject. This process can be replicated and expanded upon and thus allow of redefinition of a much larger scale. It bears noting that using such a tactic on a larger scale is a dubious idea at present as it is unknown the level of drain that such an invocation would invoke on the subjects. Such risk must be assess and documented if we are to use it on a grander scale.

On the casting of the moment, I now know t hat it is possible to cast the moment as I had intended and we can go ahead with the experiment as soon as the subjects are ready for the next casting.

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