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#1 by Serpentis , Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:13 am

After leaving with Virgil, he gave me more information about how the universe works. Then he told me his plan to stop things like Razgriz from showing up again. I hope the plan doesn't destroy the universe in the process, but we'll see. In the meantime, we went to Chronos to save Talwyn and Gerard. We asked Lises, Schala and Garrick to help.

Once there, we split up. Virgil and Schala went one way to get Dagonet (hopefully we can still help him), while Lises, Garrick, my self and Anna Lee (she just showed up) went for Talwyn and Gerard. After fighting many constructs that became stronger as we went on, we managed to get our prize and went back to the Tardis to meet up with Virgil and Schala.

They weren't there, and Anna Lee said they were in trouble, so we went to rescue them. When we got to the room they were in, we saw their bodies lying there with a small eagle pearched above them. It seemed like entering the room would do the same to us, so we tried to get them out. Before we succeded, they woke up and destoyed the eagle. Virgil grabbed Dagonet and we all left in the Tardis.

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