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Bugs - The things they do and how to squash them

#1 by Garrick , Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:08 pm

What are my brain dead brothers and sisters doing? Let alone their daft headed spawns. I have left them alone for but a time and they have let reality go to hell. They sit around squabbling with each other, scheming, crying, playing with dolls, all the while they forget the most basic answer to everything. Crush it. Show your enemy, your problem no mercy and deal with it the most assured way any of us should know how. Erase it from existence with power.

Elmdore has decided to play King in father's absence, running about thinking he knows how to run a kingdom, leaving one of his SONS to deal with these messes that HE has let build up. At least he finally pulled out some backbone. Khan had apparently decided to deal with things himself, taking the throne from Elmdore... At least attempting it. It would seem though that both Khan and Peregrine were fools, weaklings. I'm disgusted to call myself their blood relations. They couldn't even deal with that simple minded book worm, sure he has his tricks, but all that means is you need a bigger net to catch him, and a bigger paddle to squash him. Honestly, I'm quite disappointed in Khan, no matter, I was going to kill him at some point anyways.

It turns out Annalee isn't even an Amberite? There should be one simple answer to that. Oh? Someone has been lying and deceiving us and is actually a spawn of the very enemy we are fighting? Two options. Kill her or use and exploit her and kill her when she is no longer needed. Not even my sons have done this, it would seem I need to teach them some more.

Emeric... Running about, following Astrid like a sad puppy. That disgusts me. I will see to these delusions of his, unless he has an absolutely good reason for doing so, even though I am confidant he does not, I will take care of it myself...The best way I know how. Through force. Garrick, sweet, deluded Garrick. He strives so hard to please me, despite failing most of the time. He at least has amassed something, visions, plans for the future. He has such potential, sharing so many similar ideals to my own. He isn't me of course, but he does try to get even remotely similar, which holds promise.

I will have to see how he does, watch him, teach him, and mold him to my desires. If he lives of course. Good boy. Now go kill that creature that doesn't exist... Before I do.

I have so, so, many people to pay visits to. I feel as if I am receiving visions of the future... Yes... Yes I can see it now. Everything is tinted in... Blood. Such a lovely color.

Its Time to Redecorate.

^ What I believe Talwyn thinks of the current happenings in Shadow :)

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