Castle Amber

A short walk

#1 by Onesleepygenius , Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:46 pm

Renee and I begin our walk to chaos

trump contact is attempted

and refused

just as i was taught

Lises appears before us

the beast


is close

Renee is needed at the castle

we need a strategy

another trump


Annalee appears in my minds eye

one i let in

same warning as Lises

reminds me to be mindful of Cullen

We go to Amber

much of the family is here

even Stephen

it is decided who shall go to stop this beast at the door

we need representatives of every major power

and guardians for them

Terridus elects to stay with the castle

someone should if the worst comes to pass

I warn the others of putting all our hopes together

but go along with the plan

we go our separate ways to prepare

There is so much going on at once

Gerard is in the castle

when did this happen?

so confusing

he is hurt

i wake him

note : never do this again

he breaks four of my ribs

i offer to help speed his healing

he refuses

it is time to go

I am worried

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