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Feigned Arrogance

#1 by Garrick , Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:39 am

The feast...

The moment Stephen brought that strip of cloth upon my gaze, every alarm fired off within my body. How dare he. It took all that I had not to slay him on the spot, he lets his age cloud him, using that smug arrogance as a shield. Well, I would not let him have his way, I will not show even a single ounce of weakness. He has made mistakes, more than he can count on his fingers I fear. It means nothing, I will simply move my plans farther ahead, though I must admit I had expected quite some time before they were put into action.

Then there are all the new family members. I have already chosen a favorite, Anna Lee. Though it may be unfair to the others, having not the chance to talk or get to know them. I did spend some hours giving Anna Lee a tour of the castle, talking with her of the family... Unfortunately. I must watch myself though, I always tend to spoil things I favor, she is family, thus my trust only goes so far.

The court mage... Dead they say. This does not bode well for anyone, stabbed through the chest, or so the PRAETOR says. I feel he is the culprit behind it, always mysterious, hiding behind his silly masks, acting like the world really cares whats underneath. Weakness. I can't stand weakness. The weak fall and the strong survive, the lessons I have been taught. Perhaps I will have to SPY on him some MORE.

I will say though, I enjoyed Schala's company, despite her outrage. She just let Stephen get under her skin is all, my guess is she will prove to be a valuable ally, or an enjoyable drinking companion at the least.

Oh family gatherings... So.. Engaging.

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