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Stolen Toys, the Kidnapper Chronicles

#1 by Garrick , Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:41 am

Many, many things have been going through my mind. A house of chaos announcing war upon the King, what to do about Stephen, and Dworkin being dead. Though none of this compared to what awaited me afterwards. Virgil took my newest toy, Avalon. How dare he. Not even a word! Just showed up when I wasn't around and took it from me. If only this was where his audacity ended, but he took Talwyn. How dare he. I didn't even care about Avalon anymore, I was going to rescue Talwyn, even if meant my life.

The march into Avalon was very... Different than I had expected. I came with an army, be it mostly containing dogs, bears, and watchmen, but an army none the less, or at least a very effective strike force. Some more of my cousins should up as we reached the borders of Avalon, last time I unknowingly help them. Here I was thinking they were going to help us, all they did was fly off after I took care of their spell casting problem. Weakness. It seems I still have some within me. No matter, it will be weeded out, I will not make the same mistake twice.

So many Gerrards, as if one wasn't terrifying enough. It would seem Virgil has some devastating tricks up his sleeve. I was informed later that they were indeed made from trump. Trump... Something I still understand very little about. James tried to educate me on it's basic workings, but I fear his meanings may have been lost on me. For something so REAL it certainly has many inconsistencies surrounding it. What with "Oh this isn't possible.". Oh why not? "Never mind, I just found out it is.". Oh... "No, I assure you, this is how things work.". Bah, I'll never understand it.

The thing that concerns me most is what happened in the Throne room of Avalon. Jubei... Was that really him? Or was it just another Trump construct like the Gerrards. He seemed quite confused later when I was speaking to him in Castle Amber. Never giving a completely straight answer, things can be difficult to concern. Well... As mother always said, don't trust something you can't utterly crush like a bug. I'm still trying to remember what meaning comes from that in this situation, I'm sure Talwyn would beat me for not knowing... Again.

The stand off with Virgil had concerned me to, I had been willing to fight to the death if to get back my mother, I had even went so far as to work with my brother... Damn... I still can't believe I did that. In the end, he seemed to have caved, giving back Talwyn and even her tome. Though I couldn't think what might have been going through his crazed head. But there still came the question... Was that really my mother? I posed this question to Oberon, he deemed until a time he could determine if it was indeed Talwyn, that she would be imprisoned for the safety of the kingdom. I had rarely ever been that angry. Not because of Oberon really, but because I was terrified of what Talwyn might do to me if it was indeed my mother. I always did vent my terror in anger.

Though... I was given her tome. That was the first time I had ever held it. If I prayed to some god or gods, I would have cursed in their names. I could understand after that why I'd never held it before. It was mine... For the time being. Still... I found a way to prove if she was indeed Talwyn or not. She was... Hooray!... It took all the cunning I had to convince her not to beat me to within an inch of my life. Also... She took back her tome, of course. It was nice for the time.

Though this brought me to my final task. Informing the king of transferring ruler-ship of Avalon to Virgil as he wished to claim his birth right. Unfortunately, the king informed me that he had taken away Virgil's rights over anything in the Golden Circle years ago. So I did the next best thing. Informed him of Virgil being my Adviser of Avalon and in my absence would make ruling decisions. Do not disappoint me Virgil. I have done what I can to give you safety from this. Though I will not hesitate to inform the king of a.... Mutiny. Alas... I write too much.

After all. We're all such a loving family.

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