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A Treatise on the Golden Path

#1 by Virgil , Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:35 pm

Long have I wondered if this idea is merely a delusion, the Golden Path. I know that it can not be for to think otherwise is to invite disaster to us all. None have known why I do the things I do or have been driven to such great length to seek and uncover the mysteries that I do. I am trapped. Trapped by a future that I can not escape, I would have loved to live a million different lives, as a lover, a poet, a governor, a savage, a solider, or even for maybe just one gleaming moment myself again. I do no think that any of them understand what it is to be trapped by destiny and at the same time relieved that it can be achieve. There is so little time left and soon I will be entrapped no longer. When I achieve the Golden Path and make it safe again my time trapped by this destiny will end, and so to will my consciousnesses. Still I am glad for in that one moment I will be free from fate, destiny, and reality. We will walk down that path and for it all of shadowkind will be safe from these prescient predators once and forever. They will know never to come here again, and hopefully that will be enough. However there are still tests to do and things that must be prepared before the end.

This was never about power, or control or was about freedom. Freedom from the very things that define our form and thought. Freedom from ourselves, and a trillion shadows might know peace in that and even if none see it will be done and we will at last be safe.

Through the pillars we are made whole
By its strength we are refreshed
By its presence we are reassured
By its shade we are given succor
By its side we will stand
By its banner we will rally
By its shadow we will unite

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