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On Murder

#1 by Stephen , Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:40 pm

The path that I should not walk stands before me, and I would consider it. To take any of the lives of our kind is to court death and doom. The price of our success is even higher than the price of our failure. But there is one of us for whom the risk is worth it.

One hundred, sixty eight thousand, three hundred and fifty four. That is a number, but it is also lives. Lives taken, some in brief moments of power, but others is slow agony as magically virulent cancer chewed them apart over months while their families wept. Every life is counted, but I do not know the full extent of her actions. There are likely many more dead at her hands than even I could ever count. She is a threat to our survival as a family, and a threat to Shadow in total.

This is why I pray to the Unicorn that I never be given the opportunity to kill Talwyn, because I know that I would take it, against the wishes of our forebearer. When I did so, however, it would not be for vengeance. I have given up my revenge.

It would be punishment.

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