Castle Amber

Night of loss

#1 by Rabidfirefly , Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:14 pm

I have to keep telling myself its not my fault. I may have actually killed that lot, but it would have been much worse if the man in white had gotten control of them. I told him it was an early warning sign at worst, and that's not really what was aiming for. well thats what it was at that moment. They better make good use of the warning, too. I didn't end so many lives so that they could sit on their asses like they did with Razgriz. if they don't well, I may have some issues with all of them. Is that why I let Schala die too? did I take it as payment owed for the shadows lost by Razgriz? Maybe I was just angry about losing a shadow. huh. I suppose I'm with lucky on that opinion actually. as long as there is enough Amberites that they can do the triforce attack if its needed, I don't mind however many die. maybe there are to many Amberites.

Winter killed 5,675,345,200 that day.

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